Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser

CCash Innovations has designed, patented and developed the Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser to help reduce waste and increase return on investment.

The Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser helps reduce waste and increases the owner's return on investment.


Multiple Dispenser Positions
Multi-temperature Zones
15-Liter Capacity

6 Models Available
25% Environmental Waste Reduction

Options – Custom Colors
Options – Custom Serigraph

1-Year Warranty

The Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser (RMBD) is a sturdy and reliable beverage dispenser and preservation system for use in commercial settings as well as for the home entertainer. The RMBD has temperature-controlled chambers and is designed and engineered to handle the rigors of any commercial setting, including corporate events, restaurants and bars. The RMBD was built to increase profits and reduce waste.

Refrigerated Multi-Beverage Dispenser
Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser

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