Product Information

Product Information

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Committed to Sustainability stars

CCash Innovations is committed to the development of solutions for the food & beverage industry, which supports the mission of restaurant and bar owners, event planners and restaurant & catering suppliers who are on a mission to limit their environmental footprint.

Food & Beverage Industry Reducing Environmental Footprint


Smart Solutions stars

CCash Innovations was founded on the principles that quality of life is not how much is spent but how much you get out of what is spent.  Today’s companies must find ways to connect themselves with a large, geographically diverse, and independent population of consumers. 

Smart Solutions for Your Next Soirée

As a personal event planner, wedding planner or corporate events planner having a unique multi-beverage dispensing product to keep optimal beverage temperatures throughout your events is key.

Certifications & Patents stars

CCash Innovations' products are designed and manufactured in compliance with international standards.

Our solutions benefit not only the wise consumer, but the planet as well! Our focus is on:

Beverage Dispenser & Preservation

As a restaurant owner or restaurant manager, you are looking for ways to minimize your waste when serving beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Unique Products for Customer Solutions

As a caterer supplier or a caterer, you are constantly searching for leading-edge equipment to make your client's, or your, business run smoothly by offering innovative beverage dispensers that are durable and help reduce overall environmental waste.

Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser

CCash Innovations has designed, patented and developed the Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser to help reduce waste and increase return on investment.

The Refrigerated Multi-beverage Dispenser helps reduce waste and increases the owner's return on investment.

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